National Medical Care Co. Announces Contract Sign Off with Tabrak Najed Contracting Co.

Date of Announcement of the Award 2021-03-11 Corresponding to 1442-07-27
Contract Subject Matter Renovation of Riyadh Care Hospital
Date of Signing the Contract 2021-03-11 Corresponding to 1442-07-27
Contract Value SR 32,392,995.30
Contract Details The hospital Renovation will be completely renovated with modern designs that are in line with the company’s future vision and provide a distinguished service to the beneficiaries. It is expected that the project will be implemented in a period of time not exceeding 18 months, as the project is divided into six phases. The period of each phase ranges between 60-90 days to ensure the maintenance of the usual workflow during the project implementation period.
Contract Duration 18 months
Financial Impact and the Relevant Period It cannot be determined now
Related Parties There are no related parties