CARE Academy Training and Education Center is committed to support CARE’s intent of becoming the ‘Leading Center of Excellence’ through the management, and endurance that all educational and training activities of staff members employed in clinical and non-clinical disciplines (i.e., physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, etc.) are aligned with the hospital’s mission and vision as well as international recognized best practices.

Care Academy, success continues since February 2016.


To provide distinctive training and health education to valued clients by empowered staff.


Knowledge exchange at the reach of everyone.

Act as a resource for facilitating a continuum of medical learning.  Determine the educational needs of physicians and health care givers.  Provide programs of high educational quality to allow physicians and patients to improve their knowledge base and skills, thus allowing physicians to maintain or upgrade their level of medical competence. Enhance physician and health care givers’ performance and thereby improve the health care of people.